Fishing Tools You Can Trust


Smith's offers a premium selection of fishing accessories and tools, featuring everything from fillet knives and sharpeners to premium fish kill bags, catering to the diverse needs of anglers.


With a focus on durability and functionality, our tools are designed for the angler's lifestyle. Backed by Smith's longstanding reputation, our diverse offerings are reliable across different fishing scenarios.


Our extensive collection is tailored for every level of angler. Smith's commitment to quality and innovation makes our fishing accessories and tools essential for anyone serious about fishing.

Gain an Edge: The Ultimate Fishing Knives

Gain an Edge: The Ultimate Fishing Knives

At the heart of every successful fishing trip is a sharp, reliable knife. Smith's offers an unparalleled selection designed for every angler's needs:

  • Traditional Fillet Knives: From stainless steel blades to folding blades, we have it all.
  • Boning Knives: Targeting larger fish? Our boning knife's sharp edge and flexible blade make it the perfect tool for the job.
  • Electric Fillet Knives: Speed through your catch with our electric knife, a must-have for quick, precise cuts.
  • Bait Knives: Prepare your bait with ease using our bait knives – designed for consistent, efficient cuts.
  • Fishing Multi-tools: For the angler who values functionality, our multi-tools offer unmatched versatility.

With features like corrosion-resistant coated 400 series stainless steel blades, we have knives for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, offering long-lasting durability. Whether you're filleting a catch or preparing bait, Smith's knives are the trusted companion for anglers everywhere.

Beyond Knives: Fishing Tools from Smith’s

Beyond Knives: Fishing Tools from Smith’s

Beyond the blade, Smith's rounds out your fishing arsenal with a comprehensive collection of tools tailored for the expert angler:

With these essential tools, post-catch processing becomes a breeze, allowing you to accurately measure, securely hold, and effectively store your catch. Smith's fishing tools embody the perfect blend of innovation and functionality, ensuring every angler is prepared for the moment the line tightens.

Why Choose Smith’s for Your Fishing Knives & Tools

Why Choose Smith’s for Your Fishing Knives & Tools

When it comes to fishing, the quality of your gear can make or break your experience. Smith’s has been the trusted name in fishing tools and knives since 1886, offering products designed with the angler in mind. Our innovative approach ensures every knife, from the fixed blade to the folding knife, and every tool is made using only the best materials. Our commitment to excellence is why fishing experts like Darcizzle, Wally Marshall, Captain Rob Fordyce, and Tom Claycomb trust Smith's to deliver the best in performance and durability. From everyday carry to specialized fishing needs, our products stand the test of time out on the open water. And if you are an avid outdoorsman, our knife offerings extend beyond fishing to hunting and other outdoors needs. Choose the best, choose Smith’s.