Hunting Knives, Sharpeners, & Tools You Can Trust


Smith’s blades are made from true stainless steel to ensure each hunting knife meets the highest quality standards for durability and performance.


Our extensive line of hunting tools, from skinning knives to folding pocket knives, guarantees reliable performance in any outdoor condition.


Featuring everything from specific-purpose field dressing knives to versatile camp knives, Smith's collection caters to every hunter's needs.


Gain an Edge: Top Quality Hunting Knives from Smith’s

Smith's offers an extensive array of hunting blades, each designed with a specific purpose to enhance your hunting experience. From boning knives to bush craft knives, our tools are essential for any hunting expedition:

These hunting knives are crafted to offer the best performance, promising a successful and efficient hunting trip.


Hunting Knife Sharpeners from Smith’s

Gain an edge with our array of hunting knife sharpeners, designed to be easily carried outdoors and effective in the field. From portable pull-through models to more traditional stones, each sharpener is built to suit your preferences and needs:

Our hunting knife sharpeners will help you keep your knives in peak condition, ready to help during any hunt or at the campsite.


Beyond Knives: Hunting & Survival Tools

At Smith's, we know that hunting gear goes beyond knives. Our range of tools is designed to support all aspects of hunting and survival so you're prepared for any situation:

These tools are built to last and designed to enhance your hunting and survival capabilities, making them indispensable companions in the wild.


All-in-One Solutions: Check Out Our Hunting Kits

Smith's also offers comprehensive hunting kits for those looking for complete solutions. These kits are packed with essential tools and accessories, making your preparation hassle-free:

Our hunting kill kits are designed to provide convenience and quality, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful hunt in one combo package.


Why Choose Smith’s for Your Hunting Knives & Tools

A sharp knife isn't just more effective – it's also safer. At Smith's, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of high-quality knives and sharpening tools, each designed to keep your blades in ideal condition for every hunt. At Smith's, we are committed to providing you with a comprehensive lineup of hunting knives, tools, sharpeners, and kits designed for superior performance and safety. From precision-crafted knives perfect for field dressing and skinning, to versatile sharpening tools that keep your blades razor-sharp in any condition, our products are tailored to meet all your outdoor needs. We also offer specialized kits that combine these essentials, making preparation straightforward and efficient. Whether you're prepping your gear at camp or actively engaged in the hunt, Smith's ensures all your cutting tools – from folding knives to fixed blades – are sharp and ready for action.

Shop Smith’s to find the perfect tools for hunting, fishing, and all of your outdoor knives needs!