Edge Expert Profile : Faud Accawi

Edge Expert Profile : Faud Accawi

Aug 01, 2020

Fuad Accawi has been making knives for more than 30 years, and has been forging and making his own Damascus Steel for 15 years. His passion for making the finest knives is matched by his love for others in the industry who also strive to be the best. Fuad has been featured on the popular TV shows ‘Forged in Fire’ and the History Channel’s ‘How Stuff Works – Steel.’

Smith's proudly considers Fuad to be an exceptional partner, using and endorsing Smith’s sharpeners for years, and demonstrating his skill and our products at the SHOT Show and other trade events.

As a member of Smith’s Edge Experts, you’ll see more of our Edge Experts’ pro staff in the coming weeks and months. And you’ll also benefit from tips and tricks, special offers, and other great content.

Follow Fuad on Instagram:instagram.com/fuadaccawi