Pro Tips from Edge Expert Rob Fordyce

Pro Tips from Edge Expert Rob Fordyce

Dec 01, 2020

“I’ve been a professional guide, fishing captain, hunter and TV host for more than 30 years, and I can tell you that, in each of these roles, I’ve relied heavily on what I considered to be the best tools of the trade.

“When hunting deer or other wild game, the ability to cleanly and efficiently field dress the animal is crucial. And Smith’s Field Dressing Kit is what I use. This kit includes an 8” boning knife, a 6” boning knife, a 6” caping, or skinning, knife, and a Jiffy Pro knife and game shears sharpener – everything I need in one place.

“Here are important things to remember about choosing a great skinning knife:

  1. Always used a fixed-blade knife. Folders have their place, but not in the skinning game. They simply aren’t stable enough, plus, the blade is typically too thick and they’re much more difficult to clean.
  2. The blade needs to be very thin and, obviously, very sharp.
  3. The blade and the handle should be of similar proportions, lending to the knife’s proper balance.
  4. The knife should be light so the job doesn’t become cumbersome.
  5. The handle should be textured so it stays firmly in your hand. “Smith’s skinning knives are lightweight, well-balanced, and feature thin, sharp blades. They fit my hand perfectly and make the job as easy as possible. I couldn’t ask for more and you shouldn’t settle for less.”

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